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  • Personalized Medicine – Legal Perspectives (Norwegian title: Persontilpasset medisin – rettslige perspektiver)

Personalized medicine is health care tailored to each individual patient, based on their clinical, genetic, genomic and environmental information. Genetic mapping is a key element in this, which has made it an increasingly important method in modern medicine. However, the implementation of precision medicine based on genetic mapping brings with it new legal issues across several areas of law: how should the right to adequate and sound health care be understood in light of new technologies? What are the new duties imposed on health personnel? How should genetic data be processed and protected in order to provide the best possible health care without compromising the privacy and data protection of the patient? These are a few of the questions we need to address in order to ensure successful implementation. 

The book Personalized Medicine – Legal Perspectives addresses these and other key ethical issues in the area, and shows how different sources of law must be interpreted and applied in context of each other in order to answer them.  She provides thorough analysis of Norwegian health laws, including the Biotechnology Act and the Health Research Act, international human rights and regulations from the EU (EEA).

The book is aimed at lawyers working with technology, health law and data protection, decision-makers in the health service, researchers, technologists and health professionals, as well as patients and their next of kin.

(Only available in Norwegian.)