• Vision

Nordic Permed Law (NPL) is a network of lawyers in the Nordic region who work with questions related to precision medicine and new medical technology. The network was originally established as part of the legal and ethics work package in the Norwegian research project Bigmed. In order to continue exploring legal issues regarding the implementation of precision medicine, the network was formally established as a permanent structure independent of Bigmed in May 2020.

The objectives of Nordic Permed Law are:

  • To establish cooperation among the Nordic countries with respect to legal issues and jurisprudential research on personalised medicine, as well as medicine, technology and health.

  • To discuss and harmonise legal perspectives, and establish a foundation for common regulatory development in the Nordic countries.

  • To use the organisation as a competency centre and bridge builder between legal, medical and technological professional communities, and to be a preferred partner for research and development.

  • To assist in communication and debates on questions of values and legal issues in relevant legal areas.

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