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  • Governing, Protecting, and Regulating the Future of Genome Editing

The Significance of ELSPI Perspectives’ edited by our board members Santa Slokenberga, Timo Minssen, and Ana Nordberg. 

This edited collection examines the ethical, legal, social and policy implications of genome editing technologies. Moreover, it offers a broad spectrum of timely legal analysis related to bringing genome editing to the market and making it available to patients, including addressing genome editing technology regulation through procedures for regulatory approval, patent law and competition law.

In twelve chapters, this volume offers persuasive arguments for justifying transformative regulatory interventions regarding human genome editing, as well as the various legal venues for introducing necessary or desirable changes needed to create an environment for realizing the potential of genome editing technology for the benefit of patients and society.

The volume is available at the publisher’s website in print or open access digital form.