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Anne Kjersti Befring.

Anne Kjersti Befring, Associate Professor at the University of Oslo.

Which genetic analyses are we allowed to perform in health care, and which rules apply to patient treatments that involve the use of technology? In this episode, Anne Kjersti and Silvija discuss the matter of making complex questions understandable - understanding that what appears to be simple is often based on complex assessments.

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Learnings from the episode

  • Handling biological data

  • Legal instruments

  • Regulations

  • Innovation in health care

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Food for Thought

During a pandemic, if we do not think in a different manner, tensions will arise between a traditional view of the law and and what may be a threat to the law. For example, as with the CORONA-Act.

How can we make better use of our resources and streamline the Norwegian health care sector to continue the ongoing development in precision medicine? 

Anne Kjersti Befring (deputy chair)

Associate Professor at Department of Public and International Law, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

Headshot of Anne Kjersti Befring.