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  • Symposium Genome Editing, Health innovation, and Responsible Regulation

Date: 3rd - 4th November

Venue: Zoom

Price: Free

How to register:
Please email post@nordicpermedlaw.org to register. You will be sent a zoom link shortly before the event.



November 3
08:50 12:30

8:50 – Introduction

Introduction Santa Slokenberga, Ana Nordberg, Timo Minssen on behalf of Nordic Permed Law

European Journal of Health Law, Professor Mette Hartlev, University of Copenhagen

Keynote: "Rethinking the governance and regulation of human genome editing" Professor Duncan Matthews, Queen Mary University of London


9:20-10:45 – Panel 1: Research regulation and health care

Moderator: Associate Professor Ana Nordberg, Lund University; discussant Senior Lecturer Andelka Phillips, University of Waikato

  • “Somatic Genome Editing with the Use of AI: Big Promises but Doubled Legal Issues” Ph.D. cand. Anastasiya Kiseleva, Vrije Universiteit Brussel & CY Cergy Paris University

  • “The right to health and transformation of medical care. - Challenges surrounding fundamental concepts in health regulation”, Associate Professor Anne Kjersti Befring, University of Oslo

  • “A room with a view (and with a genetically engineered drug): Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and genetic tourism in Europe”, Assistant Professor Vera Lúcia Raposo, Coimbra University


11:00-12:10 – Panel 2: Intellectual property and competition perspectives on genome editing

Moderator: Professor Timo Minssen, University of Copenhagen; discussant: Associate Professor Ana Nordberg, Lund University.

  • “Competition law and human genome editing”, Associate Professor Vladimir Bastidas Venegas, Uppsala University

  • “Intellectual property and human genome editing”, Researcher Dr. Jakob Wested, University of Copenhagen


November 4
09:00 13:00

9:00-10:00 – Panel 3: Challenges surrounding fundamental concepts or approaches in health regulation

Moderator: Associate Professor Ana Nordberg, Lund University; discussant, Senior Lecturer Santa Slokenberga, Uppsala University

  • “The European Court Of Human Rights and Emerging Human Gene-Editing Techniques: Legal certainty in ‘the right to life’ and ‘the right to respect for private and family life’?”, M.sc. LL.M. Merel Spaander, University of Amsterdam

  • “Regulating Germline Gene Editing – Drawing the Line Between Legitimate and Controversial Use”, Ph.D. cand. Noemi Conditi, University of Bologna


10:15-11:15 – Panel 4: Diversity and vulnerabilities

Moderator: Senior Lecturer Santa Slokenberga; discussant: Professor Jessica Almqvist, Lund University

  • “Addressing Cognitive Vulnerabilities through Genome Editing: Techno-Legal Adaptations for Persons with Cognitive Disabilities”, Assistant Professor Pin Lean Lau, Brunel University London

  • “Thinking outside of the box: using the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to address genetic and epigenetic discrimination in insurance in Spain”, Ph.D. María del Val Bolívar Oñoro, University of Alcala


11:30-13:00 – Panel 5: Governance of genome editing

Moderator: Professor Timo Minssen; discussant: Ph.D., Researcher Emilia Niemiec, Lund University

  • “The Past and Future of Genome Editing”, Professor Judit Sandor, Central European University

  • “The object-based and process-based regulation of genome editing”, Ph. D. Michal Koscik, Head of the Department of Public Health, Head of the Legal Department, Masaryk University, and Ph.D. Eliška Vladíková, Masaryk University

  • “What would it take to enable germline editing in Europe for medical purposes?”, Senior Lecturer Santa Slokenberga, Uppsala University

Concluding remarks: Santa Slokenberga, Ana Nordberg, Timo Minssen on behalf of Nordic Permed Law

Administrative support by Uppsala University, Faculty of Law